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Colorado, United States
Other than my family, the passion of my life is quilting. An eclectic, I love a wide variety of styles and techniques encompassing both machine and hand work. Instagram: lyncc_quilts

That Was Fun!

Online quilt shows, Motivational link-ups, Social posts, UFO's shot down. . . The global quilting community can be full of fun. These are buttons from past participations.

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Online Shows and Specialty Posts

(I'm featured Here Nov 2, 2015)
(Blogs of the projects: Emma & Jaycee; Kitty Titty Power; Winter Receiver; Travel Bags; Kitty Shuffle; Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty; Selvages)

(I'm featured Here Nov 1, 2011)
(My designer entry Here)

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2015
Fall 2015
(My entries Here and Here)

Fall 2014
(My entries Here and Here)

Spring 2014

Fall 2013
(My entries Here and Here)

(My entry Here

"Go To Jail" Party - Fall 2013
(My entry Here)

(My entry Here)

Fall 2011
(My entry Here)

(My entry Here)

Spring 2011
(My entry Here)


My finished top (colors shifted and border altered)

DOD Americana Fall-Winter 2015-16

My finished top (setting adapted)

Motivational Link-Ups

Support Blog for Dear Jane quilters



2014 NewFO Challenge

Blog Recognitions


Nov 14, 2011


Personal Trackings

Started August 2011, pieced as a 2-yr project. Top finished August 2013.

225/225/225 - 5139 pieces

UFOs Shot Down

Things I still want to do!

My Tweets!!

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